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Thanks once more for your acquisition of your aQuatell water softener including the Fleck 5600SXT control shutoff. This page will take you via the arrangement and shows of your water softener. Please adhere to along very carefully!

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Your aQuatell water softener delivered with the riser tube (or turbulator) as well as resin already pre-loaded right into the conditioning storage tank. The storage tank is capped for shipping to ensure that nothing befalls. Step one is to eliminate the plastic cap from the top of the container.

When the 5600SXT control shutoff has actually been installed, we will certainly attach a few things to it. We require to link the salt water line. The brine line can be found by taking the cover off the brine well (the salt water well is a 4" diameter white tube that could be discovered in the salt water container).

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The brine line attaches the control shutoff to the salt water storage tank, which is in some cases described as the salt storage tank. At different stages of the regrowth procedure fresh water is pumped into the salt water tank, as well as salt water salt water is sucked from the salt water tank.

At various phases of the regeneration of your conditioner, water will be sent to drain. We have to attach a drainpipe line to the Fleck 5600SXT control shutoff for this objective. The open end of the drain line can be discharged to a couple of various locations (depending on environment and also local plumbing code):

-- release the drainpipe line outdoors to a pit, yard, or swale .
-- discharge to a flooring drainpipe.
-- attach the drainpipe line straight to a family drainpipe pipeline.


Whatever method is used, there are a number of things to bear in mind:.

-- ensure the drain line isn't kinked, bent, or turned.
-- ensure the drainpipe line could never ice up.
-- the open end of the drainpipe line need to be secured or else the pressure of discharging water could create it to removal.
-- if releasing to a floor drainpipe or various other drain, make sure you leave an air space (a splitting up between completion of the drain tube and also the standing level of the water).
-- the drainpipe line could be elevated a few feet above the elevation of the softener without harming efficiency.

Currently link the bypass shutoff and plumbing connectors. The inlet and electrical outlet of the bypass shutoff are each regulated with their own handle on the bypass. Each handle is identified. The conditioner is in 'bypass' mode when both knobs are counted on 'bypass'. When both knobs are transformed parallel to the outbound and inbound water, the conditioner is in service mode.

Next, attach your existing pipes to the pipes connectors you simply connected to the bypass. Because every installation is different it's tough to offer step by step instruction on ways to plumb your conditioner to your existing lines. Below are some essential factors to maintain in mind:.

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-- make use of a percentage of teflon tape on threaded fittings.
-- if using braided connectors or various other pipes aids, make sure the inner size coincides as your indigenous plumbing material or else you might produce a bottleneck.
-- make sure the weight of your plumbing is not being sustained by the softener bypass (secure plumbing lines to the wall surface or ceiling to support their weight).
-- we extremely advise Falcon Flex Connectors if you wish to conserve a lot of time and effort on your installation.
-- Arrowheads on the bypass program which side the raw water enters and which side the soft water leaves - extremely important to get this!

As soon as the conditioner is plumbinged system, make sure the bypass is closed (that is, see to it it's in 'bypass') and afterwards activate the water to the conditioner. Crack open the bypass shutoff on the water inlet side and also let the softener slowly fill with water. Once it has plenty of water, fully open both sides of the bypass so the conditioner remains in 'solution' mode.


The resin in the conditioner comes ready-to-soften, so your cold water ought to be instantly soft. Since the water in your hot water tank is not softened, it could take a number of days for the hot water to entirely cycle via.

Your softener is currently totally installed, set, and all set to go! You must compel a regeneration while you're there to watch it, just to earn sure every little thing is working effectively and nothing is leaking. Before doing this, include 2 or three gallons of water to the brine container.

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To force a regeneration, press and hold the regeneration button (four small arrowheads in the form of a square). Release the button when you hear the electric motor start to removal.

The regrowth will certainly take about a half and an hour. There are several stages to the regrowth process. Throughout the 2nd stage, the Brine Draw (BD) stage, it is essential making sure that the water in the salt water container is formulated. Please see this stage for numerous mins to make sure the water degree in the salt water tank is decreasing. Check in on the very first regrowth regularly to make sure nothing is dripping.

When this very first regrowth is total the salt water storage tank will have a gauged quantity of water in it. You could currently include salt to the brine container. We obtain asked all the time what sort of salt we advise. Regarding we can tell, the efficiency of a softener has little to do with the sort of salt utilized.

Virtually any salt you could obtain from the regional hardware store, big box, grocery store, or filling station will certainly work nicely. Simply don't use salt licks or salt that's implied for spreading on sidewalks.